October 4, 2018

When it comes to caring for your hardwood floor, maintenance is key. The first step is to ensure that all entrances are covered with mats, so that dirt and debris carried from the outside are kept to a minimum. With this in mind, if your floor is still a little lackluster, here's how to give it a good deep clean. 

How To Deep Clean Your Hardwood Floor

How To Deep Clean Your Hardwood Floor

  • Use a soft-bristled broom to sweep all the dirt and debris off the floor. 

  • Use the flor-brush attachment to your vacuum to collect any additional dust that may remain after sweeping. 

  • Dilute your brand of hardwood cleaner to the desired amount, and mop the floor appropriately. Make sure not to let any wet spots or water linger. If possible, leave the air conditioner or ceiling fan on to accelerate the drying phase. 

  • Survey the floor for stains. Remove them with the help of a suitable stain remover, sprayed on a piece of cloth.

  • Finish off by waxing and buffing. In some cases, buffing the floor may be better for the overall maintenance and appearance of your hardwood floor.