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Del Sol

Specifications: 9.25”W x 72”L x 7.0mm (5.0mmSPC + 2.0mmEVA)

Designers use a large number of carefully selected wood combined with the wood's own characteristics and the use of the world's top handmade 144-hour active dyeing technology so that each piece of the floor texture is clearer, more delicate, and the color is more natural and full, makina it with an exclusive product with an authentic wood texture after high-precision scanning.

PLEASE NOTE: Digital images are fair color representations but are not intended to be perfectly accurate. Purchases should be made from actual samples not online. 


Construction: Oak

Color Tone: Medium

Gloss: Semi

Dimensions: 9.25"W x 72"L x 7.0 mm

Thickness: 7mm

Carton Size: 25.7 SF/Carton

Wear Layer: AC4

Install Type: Floating

Warranty: Lifetime residential warranty, 15 years commercial warranty

SPC Vinyl Flooring > Painted Sky

Del Sol

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