Top Tips For Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Home ownership is exciting but comes with a lot of work. This includes caring for and maintaining your hardwood floors. Below are our top tips for homeowners on how to make sure your hardwood floors look spectacular throughout the holiday season. 

Robot vacuum cleaner is working and cleaning the floor in living room, no people.

1) Use a humidifier. Winter can cause extra wear to your hardwood floors. Using a humidifier throughout the winter months can help to minimize this. 

2) Clean up spills asap, use a dampened cloth. 

3) Buff, don’t wax. 

4) Don’t be afraid to use stick-on felt protectors on furniture- these guys protect your floor from scratches and scuffs. 

5) NEVER wet-mop or steam mop. 

6) Placing throwaway rugs by the door can help collect debris from spreading onto your floor and scratching it. 

7) Avoid tile or vinyl cleaning products on hardwood floors- this will cause the floor to appear dull. 

8) Have guest remove shoes when entering your home. Heeled shoes or cleats can exert thousands of pounds of impact per square inch!