Benefits of Luxury WPC Flooring

Luxury WPC vinyl is one of the fastest growing trends in floor covering options that will become increasingly popular over the next several years, or until the next innovation. It is different from the previously popular luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in that it also offers ease of installation and waterproof capabilities, making it an obvious choice for consumers.

The abbreviation “WPC” stands for Wood Plastic Composite, though some people use it in reference to the characteristic “Waterproof Core” that gives luxury WPC vinyl tiles and planks their unique properties.

So What is Luxury WPC Flooring?

Wood Plastic Composite is considered the prime product in vinyl plank flooring and vinyl tile flooring making it 100% waterproof and perfect for placement in any room in your home or building. It is the ideal option for consumers looking for the traditional look of hardwood without the high maintenance.

Consumers choose luxury WPC vinyl flooring because of the following reasons:

It is completely waterproof – This is the best vinyl flooring product on the market. The only other material that offers 100% waterproofing is glazed manmade tile.

Superior resilience – While standing on tile for long hours can hurt your feet and joints, vinyl provides a more comfortable and more resilient floor. Its thicker plank feels sturdier and better beneath your feet.

Realistic stone and wood looks – Consumers love luxury vinyl floors because of their incredible ability to mimic natural materials like wood and stone. But luxury WPC is the best vinyl floor on the market, so its beauty and resemblance to natural materials is much more magnificent.

Long lasting – WPC vinyl flooring has sufficient plank thickness and density, as well as a range of thicknesses for the wear layer to provide scarring and scratching resistance to match your foot traffic

Corrects imperfect subfloor – With its unique thickness and durability, you can apply WPC vinyl floor without necessarily preparing an imperfect subfloor

With its unique combination of low maintenance and beauty, WPC vinyl flooring is an obvious option for contractors and architects looking to install a quality floor in houses, business buildings, or commercial spaces.