Importance of FloorScore Certification

FloorScore certification is awarded to flooring that has met the indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements. Considering that you spend most of your time indoors, having poor air quality can adversely affect your health.

Many people don’t realize that a good number of flooring materials release toxic amounts of VOCs – volatile organic compounds – in the air. Substances such as dust, allergens, and formaldehyde emissions are potentially carcinogenic. To keep all the occupants safe, it is critical that you only purchase FloorScore certified flooring materials for your home, office, or other building.

Stringent Testing to Ensure Good Indoor Air Quality

The FloorScore certification program was formed by a collaboration between the SCS – Scientific Certification Systems – and the RFCI – Resilient Floor Covering Institute – to make sure that flooring products on the market comply with the emission standards for indoor air quality (IAQ). Any flooring products that bear the FloorScore seal have gone through strict testing to establish that it will promote good air quality upon installation in a home or business.

Continual Auditing for Compliance

The certification is prove that the flooring product has satisfied the criteria for not only IAQ performance, but also for material sourcing and formulations and quality control procedures. All certified products have to go through annual verification to maintain their FloorScore certification, a process that involves manufacturing audits and periodic testing.

Buy FloorScore Certified Floor Products

Many people don’t realize the impact that good indoor air quality has on their life. Studies have shown that good IAQ promotes learning in schools and boosts productivity at work. Conversely, poor IAQ is often associated with headaches, dizziness, and several long-term effects to your health.

Purchasing flooring products that bear the FloorScore seal is the first step to ensuring good indoor air quality in your home, office, or other building. You can then improve on it through proper air ventilation, using good air filters, and maintaining your HVAC system regularly.

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