The Future Of Bathroom Design: Luxury WPC Waterproof Flooring

Consumers have been going green for some time now, which is why the future of bathroom design is in Luxury WPC ( wood plastic/polymer composite) waterproof flooring. Traditionally bathroom floor design has focused around the options provided by ceramic tiles. Originally tiles were considered the most resilient and waterproof material, but modern developments in floor material manufacturing have made Luxury WPC Waterproof flooring an equally reliable and more eco-friendly option for homeowners.

When It Comes To Flooring, Luxury Is Sustainable.

Ceramic tile is not recyclable. When a homeowner decides to remove or remodel, the ceramic tile is generally disposed of in a landfill. Moreover, the dumping of the ceramic tile can create a cloud of toxic dust and can momentarily affect the air quality in the area. On the other hand, Luxury WPC Waterproof flooring is made sustainably from recycled materials. If and when a homeowner decides to change their flooring from this material, it can be easily recycled.

Ceramic Tiles Can Be Unsafe For Family Households.

Traditional bathroom tiles are prone to cracks and damages (which in come cases may require complete reinstallation of the tile in certain areas). If the location of the damaged tile is accessible to children or pets, failure to immediately fix the area could make such family members at increased risk for slips and falls, or even cuts if the tile has sharp and protruding edges. Conversely, Luxury WPC Waterproof flooring is durable and offers a flex quality.  This flex quality is what enables the flooring material to absorb and dissipate any heavy force dropped on it, reducing the risk of damage or cracking.

Consumers Are Looking For Value.

Installing tile as bathroom flooring is costly and time-consuming. In addition for the consumer’s growing concern for sustainability, they are also looking to save. According to Chris Davis, the president and CEO of the World Floor Covering Association, “There’s definitely been a shift from spending to savings. But that doesn’t mean consumers aren’t buying flooring: it means they’re looking for value and comfort. They might not be moving up right now, but they’re still into feathering the nest.” Luxury WPC Waterproof flooring is more cost-effective than tile, and offers a much faster installation, in addition to providing a 25-year warranty. Who would have thought that luxury could be so economical?