Why SLCC Is Formaldehyde Free

Not all floors are created equal. One key aspect of providing a family with a safe home environment is to make sure the materials used to build the home are free of any toxic materials. This includes potential carcinogens like formaldehyde, which has often been used in the manufacturing processes of some floor material providers. SLCC is committed to providing only safe, formaldehyde and additive-free flooring options. Here are some items to consider when trying to determine if a floor material is potentially hazardous.

Does It Smell Like Pickles?

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas that is often associated with a pickle-like smell. It has been commonly used in wood flooring, paint, and wallpaper. Some red flags to formaldehyde toxicity are the presence of the pickle odor and visible irritation to the eyes and skin. In some cases, toxic levels of formaldehyde exposure can trigger an asthma attack or even link to the development of cancer.

Should The Flooring Be Replaced?

If there seems to be a strong chemical odor or if the customer is having issues breathing, it’s recommended that the floors be tested and even replaced.

Extra Safety Measures

To prevent unhealthy levels of formaldehyde from emitting, there are three big precautions that can be taken.

1. Open windows each day for proper ventilation. Fresh air helps. 
2. Indoor temperature and humidity should be set to their lowest possible level (that is comfortable). Off-gassing is exacerbated by high temperatures and humidity levels.
3. Always make your home a smoke-free environment.